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From our farm

Pouillerel top at 15 min. wonderful views of Jura, Alpes and France

Walking, les chemins des 7 abeilles, les chemins de la contrebande

Sentiers des Epouventails, Les Planchettes 

Mountainbiking: The Suissemobile ways No 3, 7 and 56 are very near of our farm.

Cross country skiing:  Centre nordique de Pouillerel at 300m, consult the snow report for the Neuchâtel slopes


At la Chaux-de-Fonds

From the top of the Espacité Tower, wonderfuf views of the town

Muzoo, Zoo and Natural History Museum

Clock-making museum

Visit of the Zenith watch factory

Beaux-Arts museum

History museum

Rural museum

La Maison Blanche, la Villa Turque and la Villa Fallet, by le Corbusier

A lots of sports places, as one indoor swimming pool, oue outdoor swimming pool, one outdoor and one indoor ice rinks, one mini-golf...


XL Bowling, electronic games, pool

Wellness Center at Grand Hotel des Endroits

Around here

Clock-making museum, Château des Monts, Le Locle

Underground mills, le Locle

Cheese dairy, demonstration,  Les Ponts-de-Martel

Bobsled, La Vue-des-Alpes,

Mountain toboggan, in summer and winter, Buttes la Robella

Sports Center,  Wellness Space, Saignelégier

Natural park of Le Creux-du-Van

The Saut-du-Doubs at les Brenets

Downhill skiing Les Bugnenets-Savagnières

Camille Bloch chocolate factory in Courtelary

These are only some ideas, you will still found a lot of interessant activities around here.

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